About me

Online ego of an coder, original throws shadow when light is on.

I’m a software developer currently located in Karlsruhe (Germany). Most of my work is web, large dataset and database related. I’m a data geek. I also build Electronic devices, do 3D-Prints and interact with all kind of environments.

I love Python, Perl, Go, IPFS, CouchDB and other cool technologies… and of course Coffee!


You can contact me via Mail, XMPP or Signal.

This site is also available via Tor: ptusz6326ongoogf.onion or v3 and ipfs: /ipns/toke.de or /ipns/QmSpkgEU65f7Ce51gpmV2jzQSuJfuGUCge8BEY3jj3SQtF (Experimental).

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