How do I Post

Or how this site is updated

This site is build via jekyll and the sources are coming from a git repository on github. I do not write something special about git or jekyll here. Just how the “deployment” works.

Github webhook

Github Webhook

Github has a nice feature called “Service hooks” - especially a “Post-Receive URLs” hook. I use this hook to notify my server to do a git pull on a local repository, then rebuild the site with jekyll and rsync changed data to the document root.

The perl webhook endpoint ( code):

package ReceiveHook;
    use Dancer ':syntax';
    our $VERSION = '0.3';
    # Configuration for different projects
    my $config = {
        "PROJECTNAME" => {
            run => "/home/user/bin/",
    prefix '/notify';
    get '/*' => sub {
        header 'Allow' => 'POST';
        status '405';
        "Not for you\n";
    post '/:project' => sub {
        if (not defined $config->{params->{project}}) {
            status 'not_found';
            return "No such project: ".params->{project}."\n";
        my $payload = params->{'payload'};
        if (not defined $payload) {
            status '415';
            return "I need a payload\n";
        # Read the configuration for that repo
        my $repo_config = $config->{$repo->{name}};
        if (defined $repo_config && defined $repo_config->{run}) {
            eval {
                system $repo_config->{run};
        return "OK";

The update itself is done by this little shellscript:



    if [ -d ${REPPATH} ] ; then
        cd "${REPPATH}"
        git pull
        jekyll --url "${LIVEURL}"
        rsync -rXogpEAt _site/ "${DEPLOYTARGET}"


Github repository feel free to use it as you like.

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