Evaluating Disqus (updated)
21. Feb 2012
1 minute read


I’m not a big fan of external services. Especially since I do not log IP-Adresses and offloading Javascript gives some more problems with privacy. This site is very simple. But I want to add comments to blog posts. My plan was to write a little comment script for embedding via Javascript. Since I don’t have so much time right now I will look for alternatives. Now I am experimenting with disqus. The service looks nice and integrates very well with my site. One downside is the missing SSL support. I will look after this later.

For the next weeks the disqus service will be available on this site, maybe for a longer time. We’ll see. Feel free to comment.

Update (22.04.2012)

Disqus seems to work with SSL now. I’ve enabled it. Hope this will stay alive.

Update (09.04.2017)

5 Years later… I switched to isso. Self hosted and (hopefully) hassle free.